It’s the new season, we open the windows, clean up and go outside to play sports!  post thumbnail image

It’s the new season, we open the windows, clean up and go outside to play sports!

Outdoor activities are great alternatives to the crowded gyms we’ve been going to all winter.The fatbikeThe fatbike has been around for about four years and is inspired by the beach bike, which has been in vogue for several years on the beaches of California. The idea of the beach bike was to have a balloon tire to glide over the sand and make it easier to get around. The fatbike is especially popular in winter as it moves very well on snow. Given its very wide tires, it is very stable and will satisfy enthusiasts on the muddy trails of Quebec in the spring. There are no special trails for fatbikes, you can ride on the same tracks as mountain bikes and on the pedestrian trails accessible to cyclists. All you have to do is equip yourself and let’s go, but before buying your bike, think about buying smart by buying a second-hand bike, it will save you money but most of all you contribute to the protection of our planet by buying used.Hiking on trailsYoung and old walkers, with family or friends, explore Quebec’s beautiful natural environments at your own pace. In the spring, no matter which trails you choose, panoramas will rise up before you. A change of scenery guaranteed. From trails designed for the family to mountain hiking for the more adventurous, Quebec’s national park network offers more than 200 hiking trails, both short and long. Short hikes are also offered in most wildlife reserves and tourist centres. Long hikes are also offered in some of them. In the spring, escape into the spectacular scenery among the budding trees.Climbing in the open airSport or traditional climbing in Quebec is practiced on the mountain, in the heart of the forest or on the banks of a river or lake. It’s up to you to discover the most beautiful cliffs in Quebec! Contrary to what one might think, rock climbing is not only an individual performance sport. You will have a lot of pleasure to meet with friends or family, in the middle of nature, to live simple and intense moments. Before you start on an outdoor wall this spring, it would be interesting to experience the feeling of heights in an indoor climbing centre with certified instructors, like at Roc Gyms or Horizon Roc. The Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l’escalade can also give you valuable information. Grab your carabiners… and climb!The slacklinePeople who live or work around a park in Montreal are used to seeing people walking in the void between two trees. One would think they were acrobats on wires, but that is not quite the case. It is a sport in itself, called slacklining, and was developed in California by rock climbers in the 1970s. Slackline is a one-inch wide polyester tape. It’s fun for everyone, from children to older people, who can tie these straps to trees and walk on them to develop their balance, body control, physical strength and also mental strength. This outdoor activity is almost meditative as it requires calm and concentration. This spring, test your balance on a slackline!Paddle surfingIt’s nothing more and nothing less than a large, somewhat modified surfboard that is propelled upright with a long paddle. The sport ranges from calm lakes to the tumultuous swirls of rivers or the ocean. The stand-up paddle board (SUP) is a boat, so a flotation jacket is mandatory according to the Quebec Coast Guard. The rowing board is suitable for almost everyone. All you have to do is choose the environment in which you want to paddle to find what you’re looking for. The more sporty will face white water or tides, while even a child can have fun on a quiet lake, alone or accompanied by an adult. What is most striking is how hard the whole body works. The stabilizing muscles are particularly solicited, and exercise on this board can quickly become cardio when the effort is sustained or when it is windy, but the rhythm is rather contemplative. It’s like walking on water. The view on your flowing path will be breathtaking.

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